Pet Goats

Mary the Boer goatThere is no doubt about it that a goat can have many of the characteristics that a dog has. When goats spend time with people, they canĀ become very socialized and want to interact and play with you. Our goats loved to be brushed and petted. They will even come to you when you call them; especially if you have food. All of our goats are bred and bornĀ on site at our farm in Madison, Georgia.






nigerian dwarf nannyWe are breeding both Boer goats and Nigerian Miniature Dwarfs to be sold as pet goats. The Nigerian Dwarfs are milk goats and grow to be about 30 to 50lbs. Our Boer goats can grow to be 150lbs and larger. You should have plenty of pasture for your pet goats to graze on. Each of our goats eat between 10 and 15 lbs of grass or hay per day.