Pet Goats

Goats make great outdoor pets. Our goat pets are friendly, they love to play and enjoy human interaction. Each of our goats are played with daily and recieve lots of love and care.

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Milk Goats

Milk Goats are a lot of fun to play with and of course, milk. You can make all sorts of things with goat milk such as goat cheese, butter, milk and soap.

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Meat Goats

We produce high quality Boer meat goats in small quantities. Our meat goats are Certified Antibiotic and Hormone Free. They graze on high quality pasture and are fed local grains and minerals.

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Mini Nigerian Dwarf and Boer Goats

We have sold out of goats for 2017. Check back with us in March 2018.

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What we offer

boer goat

Madison Goat Farm is a small family¬†operated farm that specializes in Boer goats. We sell male and female Boer goats ranging from 1 week old to 1 year old. Our goats spend their days playing and grazing on over 15 acres of well maintained¬†pasture and are fed sweet feed that is made here locally. Several of our nanny’s are pregnant and should be having babies in the next few weeks. We accept farm visitors and goat buyers by appointment only.

Madison Goat Farm